Apple & Oranges Book One is Complete! Read the First Chapter of Book Two

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“Clint was known universally as “Knuckles” because he rocketed to elementary school fame by wearing loose key rings around his fingers when punching some kid during afternoon recess. In reality, the damage was minimal. The key rings were weak and pliable, making them poor substitutes for the brass knuckles they were intended to imitate. But by the time the story had made it around the school, Clint had apparently tore a gash so deep and so wide in “some kid’s” cheek that the kid needed ten stitches. Days, weeks, and months turned ten into twenty, fifty, and a hundred. Regardless of the truth, Clint was quickly dubbed “Knuckles” and nobody was going to argue, least of all the “some kids” of which the elementary school was full.”

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