Haiku for Asher

Haiku on Having a Son

He is my hot breath

On a foggy window pane

Air cold by longing

* * *

His life is a bloom

That eclipses my vision

And mutates my world

* * *

But the truth is that

I can see life perfectly

Because I see him


Haiku on Raising a Son 

Ominous rumbles

Between sound and sensation

Hot death fills my nose

* * *

Something is not right

It is very very wrong

I make my own rain

* * *

The mirror baby

Copied my outfit again

He is a wizard

* * *

That cat looks snuggly

I want him to be my friend

Fist full of gray fur

* * *

Free from my bondage

The perfect time to relax

I pee in my ear

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